Traveling With Kids To The Amazon!

Traveling with kids to the Amazon?

Traveling with kids to the Amazon? Huasquila Amazon Lodge offers the most kid friendly vacations in the Amazon!

Located only about 3½ hours from Quito in a private car with a great scenery and possible stops on the way (like Guango Lodge to see beautiful hummingbirds, an environmental interpretation center in Baeza and the papallacta thermal baths), makes it kid friendly travel, even with small kids!

The amazon climate at Huasquila and the fact that there are no mosquitos at the amazon lodge, makes it a great rainforest holiday. The pool includes a smaller children pool, which is a highlight for the younger ones. Also there are lots of activities to do at the lodge. You can hike down a childrens trail, which takes you to a beautiful waterfall and is only about 15 minutes from the lodge. On this trail kids can taste “lemon ants”, learn about the rainforest, its plants and animals and conservation with games, obstacles like balance beams and rope swings, get a leaf hat and glasses and paint their faces with traditional plants, just like the rainforest people! At the waterfall they can search for fossils or even take an energetic bath with their parents!


The children can also explore the Amazon at night to look for bugs, frogs and bats. 

Another fun trip for kids is not too far away, at the Anzu River, which is a level II river where children from 6 years on can experience a rafting trip!

At the lodge they can learn about Amazon animals such as bats through special art and crafts offered by Huasquila Amazon.  As part of their contribution to the bat conservation program, kids will learn about the importance of bats, which contribute greatly to the reforestation at Huasquila that started 8 years ago. The bats help by spreading the seeds, since most of them are fruit eaters, and we have just learned in cooperation with biologists from the “Catholic University”, that there is one type of bat which eats only mosquitoes, the reason why we can't find any at Huasquila!

On the following page you will find resources for children about bats:

RELCOM: Latin American Network for the Conservation of Bats.

Part of the rainforest holidays can be spent in the rescue center “ el Arca”, which is only about 4 Km from the amazon lodge, where the kids will get to see different rescued amazon animals such as monkeys, macaws, toucans, capibaras, caimans, and much more!

Other fun trips for kids are visits to the close by community “9 de Junio”. The kids will have the chance to play with kids from the local community, experience their traditional dances, learn how to use a blow gun and even play some soccer if they want! The girls will be able to make their own necklace with amazon seeds and fibers from the region.

The kids will be fascinated by all they will experience during their stay at Huasquila. It will get them a ecology and conservation kick! This family friendly travel will always be remembered and cherished and the global view it gives the kids on conservation and sustainable development is priceless.

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