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Rainforest Expeditions in Ecuador Kichwa Culture

Rainforest Expeditions in Ecuador are available at our lodge, where you can   meet people from the Kichwa culture and taste the life of the Amazon rainforest, just 3 quick hours ride from Quito to the province of Napo, you can be part of our Amazon Tours through the rainforest and have the experience of a lifetime during our expeditions. At a very close distance from Huasquila Amazon Lodge you will find people from the largest indigenous group in the Napo province, the Kichwa People. Rainforest people will show you how they make handcrafts, prepare typical drinks such as chicha from yucca root or guayusa, an ancestral tea that is part of their daily diet and how they keep their traditions alive.

“What a great adventure”

"I traveled with a group of six to Huasquila Lodge. We had the four day, three night package including lodging, food, tours and transfers from Quito, Ecuador. We enjoyed our beautiful bungalows. The food was amazing. The tours were very interesting and we learned a lot about the flora of the jungle. Our guides' knowledge about the uses of the plants was very educational. The boat ride on the Napo River made us feel like we were discovering a new area of the world. The visit to the Chocolate Museum on the Napo River was also very enriching. Thanks to the folks at the Huasquila Lodge for a wonderful experience." ~Guest

Interact with local Kichwa indigenous children and visit their traditional rainforest matriarchal homes, where they will make you witness of the colorful dresses and traditional outfits and dances in our short rainforest expeditions.

rainforest expeditions

We can also arrange a visit to a local Shaman, a local medicine man who uses different medicinal plants and a ceremony to cure ailments, which is an unforgettable experience! You might even be willing to get a “limpia” or “cleanse” to purify your body from bad energy.

If you want to be part of the daily life of the communities and amazon forest people and want to better understand their vision of the world we suggest a long term stay that can be combined with some interactive activities like teaching or volunteering or simply come to our rainforest expeditions to experience the Amazon Rainforest.

Rainforest Expeditions Kichwa Culture

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