Rafting Ecuador Amazon

Rafting Ecuador


The region around Huasquila Amazon Lodge has become famous among kayaking and rafting fans. The gorgeous rivers of the Amazon with its narrow canyons, colorful bird wildlife, green jungle and sparkling waterfalls make some of Ecuador's most scenic river trips and are perfect to practice whitewater rafting and kayaking for beginners or experts, taking you into heart of the Amazon.

Water flows down deep into the Amazon jungle, winding its way through the spectacular gorges, canyons, valleys and jungles. Along this trail are left miles of breathtaking world-class whitewater rapids that feed into the mighty Amazon River or the Pacific.The region has achieved such legendary status that the World Rafting Championship 2005 took place in the nearby valley of Quijos and National Geographic magazine choose it as one of the world's top 10 whitewater locations.

At Huasquila Amazon Lodge we work with the best amazon tour operators for rafting and kayaking, which have very high safety standards and are experienced professionals. Whether you are an adventure traveler or just looking for your first river run, you will find the best rafting or kayaking trip in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Amazon tours on the Jatunyancu, Toachi, Quijos, or Kayaking School, will make your stay in Huasquila Amazon Lodge an experience you will never forget.

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