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Our staff comprises mostly local people from nearby Kichwa communities. Huasquila continues contributing to the local economy, providing employment to and empowering young local Kichwas who learn to be proud of their culture and to cultivate it. In times of globalization, this is especially important. Get to know each of them:


Co-founder of Huasquila Lodge, Dipl. Ing. TUM (University of Munich).
He has 10 years of experience in tourism, and 2 years developing agencies in support of small-scale cocoa farmers.
Hobbies: tennis, soccer, and travel.


Co-founder of Huasquila Amazon Lodge, Political Science studies in the University of Salzburg, Austria. Masters in Sustainable Resource Management Technical University of Munich.
She has 10 years of experience in development projects in small communities in Ecuador.
Hobbies: horseback riding, travel, and nature.


Sales Manager since June 2014.
Degree in Ecoturismo and National Guide.
Hobbies: dancing and traveling.
Contact: huasquila@gmail.com


Administrative assistant since January 2013.
Hobbies: sports and cinema.
Contact: asishuasquila@gmail.com

Ana María

Marketing and sales since August 2014.
Degree in communications and graphic design.
Hobbies: travel, nature, and bicycling.
Contact: huasquilalodge@gmail.com


As host in the lodge, she will make you feel at home and will be aware of what you need.
She lives at Huasquila and is Pablo’s mom. She has worked at Huasquila since the beginning.
Hobbies: cooking and conversation.


Kitchen manager since July, 2012.
She is in charge of preparing all of the delicious dishes and desserts at Huasquila.
Member of the 9th of June Kichwa community.
Hobbies: soccer and walking.


Kitchen staff since July 2013.
Member of the community Sociedad libre (between Baeza and Quito).
Hobbies: cooking and nature.


In charge of front desk and operations at Huasquila and is also a local guide.
He coordinates the reservations and activities, and always ensures everything goes the way was planned.
Member of the community Jondache 18 km (near Baeza).
Hobbies: sports and adventure.


In charge of maintenance at Huasquila and occasional driver.
He has worked at Huasquila since 2006.
He is charismatic and probably will join you in the transfers.


Freddy does a little bit of everything: waiter, local guide, cleaning.
He has worked at Huasquila since 2013.
Member of the community Sociedad Libre (near Baeza).
Hobbies: basketball and being a guide.


Saul does a little bit of eveything: waiter, cleaning, local guide.
He has worked at Huasquila since 2012.
Member of the community Kichwa Jondache.
Hobbies: soccer and running.

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