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The trip takes about 3.5 hours from Quito.

1. Quito to Cumbaya (15 to 30 mins):

  • From Quito take the Guayasamín Tunnel and head toward Cumbaya-Tumbaco using the Av. Interoceanica.
  • This should take approximately 15 to 20 minutes depending on traffic. Avoid traveling from 7 am to 9:30 am because the tunnel is closed for one-direction traffic flow.

2. From Tumbaco to Baeza (approx. 1h30 minutes, 88 km):

  • Continue on the Av. Interoceanica. 
  • Cross the Chiche Bridge (metal bridge).
  • Stay on the main road (3 lanes per direction). Do not turn to go to the new airport; instead follow the same road toward Pifo.
  • After the turnoff to the airport you will reach a ‘Y,’ stay to the left toward Papallacta-Baeza highway. The road has two lanes (one lane in each direction). Be careful because expansion work is being done on the road.
  • Upon reaching the summit called La Virgen, there is a great view of the Antisana volcano if it clear. Keep driving and you will reach the Papallacta Lake. Take the new road on the right side (the old one also will take you to Papallacta, but it is in very poor condition).
  • Pass the village of Papallacta and follow the main road. At 16 km past Papallacta you will pass the village of Cuyuja.
  • Continue on the same route, and after 15 km you will reach the village of Huagrayacu (here there is a police checkpoint and a large gas station).
  • At 5 km past the control, take the exit on the right toward the Baeza-Tena highway. Drive through the town of Baeza.

3. Baeza - Cotundo - Huasquila (67 km, approximately 1h20 minutes.)

  • About 18 km after passing the town of Baeza, you will reach Cosanga. Follow the road and ascend to reach the peak called La Virgen (there is a scenic viewing site here).
  • The asphalt road ends here and the concrete road begins, be aware of sharp curves. Continue on this road until you reach Cotundo. There is only one chance to get lost on a detour, but signs clearly indicate the direction to Tena (continue straight on the road) and the diversion to Coca (do not take it). You will drive past the village of Jondachi (you will see a large aluminum bridge). Contundo is 10 km further. Enter the village by leaving the road on the right.
  • Finally, once you are ine the village Cotundo, drive past the village church, past the soccer field, past a giant stone beside the road, and straight on to the end of the village, where you’ll find a ‘Y.’ You should be able to see the Huasquila sign. Take the road to the left.
  • From there it is 3 km to reach Huasquila, at 1.5 km is the village of Buenos Aires and at 1.9 km, before reaching Huasquila, is the community “9th June,” where you go to the right. Immediately after a small bridge you will be in Huasquila.

Everyone from Cotundo knows Huasquila, so if necessary, ask for directions from the locals or call us at (00593)-987646894.

Instructions From Tena

  • From Tena take the road to Quito (4 lane road). This starts in the Jumandi circle in Tena, the last circle with a monument of the Indian Jumandi.
  • After 10 km you will reach a large bridge and the village Archidona. Follow the concrete bypass road.
  • At the end of the bypass is another circle and a Primax gas station.
  • Continue on the road toward Quito
  • Measure 7 km (going by the Jumandi Caves).
  • Drive through the village of Cotundo, pass the village church, pass the soccer field, pass a giant stone beside the road, and go straight to the end of the village.
  • At the ‘Y’ intersection you’ll see a sign for Huasquila sign. Turn left here.
  • From there it is 3 km to Huasquila, at 1.5 km is the village of Buenos Aires and at .9 km, before reaching Huasquila, is the community “9th June,” where you will turn right.
  • You’ll see another sign for Huasquila. At 600 meters past this sign, turn left, follow the road, pass over a bridge, and you will have arrived at the parking lot.

Everyone from Cotundo knows Huasquila, so if necessary, ask for directions from the locals or call us at (00593)-987646894.

Traveling by Public Transportation

Several companies travel daily to Tena: Transportes Baños, Amazonas, and Jumandy are the most well-known ones. The bus leaves from the bus station that, in Spanish, is Terminal Terrestre, and the journey takes approximately 5 hours. When entering the bus tell the driver that you are going to Cotundo, where you must take a taxi to Huasquila. The cost for the bus is approximately $8 per person and the taxi is approximately $3.

Call us at (00593)-987646894 if you have any issues.

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