Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Huasquila different?
We offer a genuine experience with personalized service for small groups. Besides, we offer this in a safe and affordable way. We are also closer to Quito (only 3 ½ to 4 hours depending on the traffic in Quito and Cumbaya), so you can spend more time in the lodge than on the road. We are a family run business with a very personalized service. Finally, we are the only accessible jungle lodge in Ecuador, with special infrastructure to host the mature traveler with special needs (slow walkers, wheelchair users, people with special needs).

How far is Huasquila from Quito´s new airport?
Huasquila is located only 2 ½ hours from Quito´s new airport in a private car (You do not pass Quito which due to heavy traffic is about 2 hours from the airport). The road is perfectly paved until Cotundo, from where you take a 4 KM dirt road to Huasquila. You pass the Papallacta hot thermal spa (Terma de Papallacta), the Cayambe Coca Reserve and the Sumaco – Napo Galeras National Parck. If you are lucky you can take a look at the Antisana and the Sumaco Volcanoes.

We offer private transport and can arrange your pick up directly from the airport, which will save a lot of time, since you do not have to get into Quito´s heavy traffic.

Please visit our map to better understand the distances.

Is everything included in the price?
Our all included program includes everything stated on our rates and program page. There are no extra transport or entrance fees and there is a 10% service fee included which is obligatory in Ecuador and is divided among our staff, and 12% taxes which is also obligatory in Ecuador. The only thing you need to pay for at the lodge is alcohol (wine, beer, etc) and any souvenir you might buy (t-shirts, huts, etc).

Our dinner – accommodation –breakfast program includes only as stated. It is possible to combine programs.

Can I reach Huasquila with public transportation?
It is possible to take a bus from Quito´s bus station Quitumbe to Tena. One way ticket is $8 USD. You will have to get off in a small town called COTUNDO, from where you can take a Taxi to Huasquila for $3 USD. Make sure to tell the bus driver to leave you in the small town of COTUNDO, not at the main road, since from there it will be hard to take a taxi.
The Quitumbe bus station Is located in the southern part of Quito and it will take you about 5 to 6 hours to get to Huasquila when taking this option (without taking into account the time it will take you to get to the bus station). There is no bus station located near the new airport from where to take the bus to Tena, even though this would be a lot closer and buses going to Tena, go close by the new airport .

What is the weather like?
In the day it gets hot, at night it gets rather cool, since we are located at 800m above sea level. It is humid, but not as intense as in other locations in the jungle like Coca or Lago Agrio or even Misahualli. It doesn’t rain as much as in the past, but you shall expect some rain during your stay, so make sure to take a rain coat with you.

Do I need a yellow fever shot?
At Huasquila we are located at the door to Ecuador´s Amazon, only 2 ½ - 3 hours from Quito´s new airport, at 800m above sea level and to a specific bat that eats up to 600 mosquitos per day, we hardly have any mosquitoes at all! We personally do not suggest to take the yellow fever shot if coming to Huasquila.

However the general rule states that guests traveling to the Amazonia area of Ecuador in general will be required to have a yellow fever vaccination effective March 1st. The vaccine must be obtained 10 days prior to travel to this area. Guests planning to travel to Ecuador’s Amazon Rainforest should consult with their physician regarding this required preventive measure. The request is mandatory only for guests going to the Amazon rain forest and is not a requirement to enter Ecuador in general.

Do I need to take malaria medication?

At Huasquila we are located at the door to Ecuador´s Amazon, at 800m above sea level and for some reason we hardly have any mosquitos at all. We don’t suggest to take malaria medication if coming to Huasquila.

Can I pay with credit card?
At Huasquila we take the following credit cards: Diners, Master Card and Visa. Please take into consideration that it might take a while for us to confirm your payment by phone, since the system is not automatic.

You can also pay with paypal ( directly from our webpage.

Is there electricity supply at the lodge?

We have electricity supply at the lodge. The lights of the garden area are turned off at 10pm. In your rooms you will always have electricity 24 hours.

What happens in case of emergency?

In case of any emergency there is a hospital located in the town of Archidona, which is only 15 minutes away from the lodge by car. We have an evacuation Plan at Huasquila and have Risk Assessments for all activities we offer. Please let us know if you need to see any of these.


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