Ecuador Vacation Packages for the Amazon Rainforest
Huasquila Amazon Ecolodge offers standard Ecuador vacation packages that focus on Amazon tours. We highly recommend them for first time visitors or people trying to see the most during their Ecuador travel but have limited time. Packages are designed through years of experience with all types of visitors: adventure travelers, families, and retired individuals. We combine a majority of activities in a balanced way.

For detailed information of packages and itineraries and rates please click on the links below:

JUNGLE AMAZON FULL ECUADOR VACATION PACKAGES: This set of Ecuador vacation packages consists of two variations. The Classic is a mix of nature, adventure, and culture for the more relaxed traveler. For the more adventurous we offer our Pure Adrenaline rafting, caves, and more.

AMAZON TOUR TRADICIONAL ECUADOR VACATION PACKAGES: Amazon Tour Traditional Ecuador Vacation Packages are ideal for residents of Ecuador who have their own car or want to use their own transportation to go to Huasquila Amazon Lodge. Nature, adventure, and culture for families or easygoing travelers or adventure packed for more adrenaline seeking guests.

RAINFOREST OVERNIGHT ECUADOR VACATION PACKAGES: Stay one night and enjoy the Ecuador Amazon Rainforest for a short weekend getaway.

If you are interested in a particular activity—such as birdwatching or caving—we can spend a week exploring different locations. We can create a tour for you—contact us directly and we will be happy to plan it with you


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