Cotundo Archeological Park

Huasquila Amazon Lodge is located in the Sacred Valley of Cotundo where you can find ancient petroglyphs, stone carvings of signs or symbols in the forms of spirals, squares, and masks dating from different time periods, from 300 bc to 1200 ad and up until colonial times.

These petroglyphs have high spiritual meaning for the Kichwa shamans and are an essential part of their rich culture. The different figures on the stones can be classified into a number of styles such as matchstick, abstract, and figurative, among others, that describe the type of carving and pinpoint the time of its creation.

An archeological project was established to identify each stone and figure to preserve and document the historical findings of these petroglyphs. The Sacred Valley of Cotundo was declared a Cultural Heritage Center of Ecuador in December 2005.

Archeological remains have also been found when digging near the Petroglyphs. We invite you to stay with us and become an adventure archeologist during your stay.

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