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Only 3 km from Huasquila Amazon Lodge there is an wild animal rescue center called “El Arca Zoo”, although not a zoo but more of a rescue center, this rainforest animal center is recognized by the Ecuadorian Ministry of Environment and where you can see a wide variety of Amazon rainforest animals here.

Spider monkeys jump from tree to tree and macaws fly around you in a beautiful spectacle. These animals are rescued from illegal animal trade and find a home here. This is a great opportunity for our guests to see animals since wildlife has reduced in the last years, and rainforest animals have gone deeper in the Amazon and are very difficult to see in the wild.

This is a great way to see rainforest animals that guests would ordinarily not see during their trip, anacondas, spider monkeys, squirrel monkeys, parrots, capybara, caimans, toucans and ocelots. Managed by their staff comprised mainly of volunteers who help badly treated exotic pets back into a more normal life. Their aim is to rehabilitate all the animals they can and release them, the ones unable to survive in the rainforest remain in the animal sanctuary.

There is a small gift shop at the end and all donations are gratefully received.

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