Amazon Rainforest Tour

amazon rainforest tour

Amazon Rainforest Tour that you will love!  We offer several amazon rainforest tours such as short jungle hikes in our Huasquila Amazon Lodge property or long expeditions in the community areas around us. Our native guides who take pride in their knowledge of their ancestors, will take you through the rainforest and show you how they use medicinal plants, which plants are used to build their bungalows, and introduce you to plants such as guayusa used daily for tea, and others used in the Kichwa culture, as well as endemic plants such as heliconias and bromeliads.

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Amazon Tours – Rainforest Animals

amazon rainforest tour

Only 3 km from Huasquila Amazon Lodge there is an wild animal rescue center called “El Arca Zoo”, although not a zoo but more of a rescue center, this rainforest animal center is recognized by the Ecuadorian Ministry of Environment and where you can see a wide variety of Amazon rainforest animals here.

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Amazon Jungle Tours Caves

amazon rainforest tour

The Sacred Valley of Cotundo has a 3 km system of caves that include the Elephant cave, the Spiritual Temple cave and the Jumandi caves. Huasquila Amazon Logde offers you the opportunity to visit them in a safe way under native and naturalists guides and discover this fascinating underground world full of stalagmites and stalactites.

If you don't want to venture off to far away from Huasquila Amazon Lodge, you can also venture with our local indigenous guides down an hour to our local caves where you will see amazing insect and bat life, and hike out through our amazing waterfall, an unbelievable experience of Amazon Rainforest Tour.

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