Amazon Rainforest Climate

Amazon Rainforest Climate very unique at Huasquila

Amazon Rainforest Climate

Amazon Rainforest Climate at Huasquila is splendid. Located at 2750 feet above sea level, Huasquila Amazon Lodge’s rainforest climate is surprisingly temperate. The average temperature ranges between 18 and 22.4 degrees Celsius or 64 and 73 Fahrenheit.

In the early morning the clouds come down from the Antisana Reserve and create a beautiful mist over the whole valley of Cotundo. During the day it gets warmer with the sun, but it gets cooler in the afternoon. Humidity averages around 72% to 80% during the year.

You can enjoy our beautiful hikes and waterfalls with sun during the day and finish the day with a hot cup of cocoa harvested in the Amazon in the evening. Because nights are nice and cool, there is no need for air conditioning, so sleeping becomes no problem with a light and warm comfortable blanket.

In addition the weather makes it possible for less mosquitoes during the evening. This unique weather is not something common in other areas of the Amazon Jungle, typically hot and uncomfortably humid at night.

Huasquila has a tropical climate, with rainfall throughout the year, even the driest month still has rainfall, usually February is the driest month and June has the most rain.

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