Amazon Lodge Huasquila

Amazon Lodge Huasquila is your door to Ecuador’s Amazon Rainforest!

Amazon Lodge Huasquila is a complex of bungalows located in the amazon rainforest of Ecuador in South America called the Sacred Valley of Cotundo, within the Sumaco Biosphere Reserve, where the Eastern Slope of the Andes ends and the Amazon jungle begins.

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This location gives our Amazon Lodge guests a unique amazon rainforest climate which allows for a variety of amazon jungle tours such as hiking tours through the tropical rainforest, caving or spelunking in the Elephant cave, the Spiritual Temple cave and the Jumandi caves, littered with petroglyphs from ancient civilizations and discovering the culture of its rainforest people through their art, culture, and expressions.

Close proximity to Quito, Ecuador´s capital (4 hourdrive), makes Huasquila Amazon Lodge the most accessible Amazon Ecuador ecolodge rainforest destination, especially for short stays (3 day packages). It is a quick get away from the typical tourist sites, so you can enjoy a genuine Amazon rainforest vacation.

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At Huasquila Amazon Lodge we have comfortable bungalows with terraces (3 fully wheelchair accessible) plus cabin-style huts built in traditional Kichwa style keeping in harmony with nature but equipped with all necessary facilities for making your stay at our Amazon ecolodge an unforgettable experience. We are a family-owned operation and offer personalized attention and first-class service.

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We have a diverse group of visitors, from adventure travelers, to special needs tourists, to families traveling with small children, we can offera wide range of activities and can host up to 40 guests.

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If you are looking for Amazon rainforest holidays that offer relaxation, jungle tours,local culture, and true Amazon Ecuador adventures then you have found your rainforest vacation destination. We offer unique amazon tours: jungle hikes, caves, petroglyphs, amazon jungle animals, waterfalls, kayaking, river rafting and visiting rainforest tribes in the amazon.

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