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Amazon Tours Waterfalls

Huasquila Amazon Ecolodge is in walking distance of many waterfalls, cascades, and rivers. With our location in the Amazon Rainforest we have lots of lush tropical vegetation and bodies of water. Walk down our jungle trails and find two large (over 50 feet high) waterfalls and more than 10 minor beautiful, sparkling water cascades, formed by the topographies of small and large cliffs.

Ecuador’s Napo province has some of the world’s highest concentrations of rivers per square mile, thanks to its abundant rainfall and the massive Andean mountain range descending through the Antisana Reserve.

In addition, we usually organize 1-day jungle tours to various waterfalls in the Napo-Archidona area—hike in the jungle with a local guide and learn about medicinal plants, plants used for food, plants used for clothing (because of their fiber), and plants used for construction of traditional Kichwa housing.

Afterward, you will see wonderful waterfalls such as Pinpilala and the Face of the Devil and end your trip in a canyon where a 50-foot-high waterfall meets a magnificent rainforest lagoon. You will have lunch at this spot and enjoy a relaxing swim in these Amazon Jungle waters described by our guests as a “jungle fairytale experience.”

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